*B Barnowl Copperfield

American white, DOB: 03/2012

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Sire: +*B SG Barnowl Quantum Leap
SS: +*B SGCH Kastdemur’s Vigilante News
SD: SGCH Barnowl Quidditch 2*M
Dam: SGCH Barnowl Hockus Pockus
DS: +*B Kastdemur’s Tach Lach
DD: SGCH Barnowl Bewitched *M
ADGA Genetics Planned Pedigree

We are very excited to be leasing Copperfield for the 2015 breeding season–thank you Jenn Treba of Cadence Dairy Goats. Copperfield’s dam Hockus was one of the most amazing does we have ever had. Her half sister Fish got a lot more attention, but Hockus was probably a more well-rounded animal and certainly much more productive. It is unfortunate that we were not on milk test with Hockus as a doe who milked 14+ pounds day in and day out for years, we know she would have made some truly outstanding milk records. It is also unfortunate that Hockus was a buck-producing dam, having had 12 buck kids throughout her life and less than half that many doe kids–although the three that did make it into show herds have all completed their SGCH and two listed on the Elite does list. Because of her limited daughters, her genetic legacy in our herd has been quite limited. We are looking forward to bringing her strong body capacity, milk production, and dairy strength back into our herd via her son Copperfield.

Bringing in Copperfield to regain lost potential is also true for Copperfield’s sire Quantum Leap. Quantum did some awesome things for us as a young buck (just take a look at his daughter Firefly!). However, at that time our herd was not diverse enough to make good use of him and we made the hard decision to let him move on to a home at Lone Thistle Farm where he could get more use. As part of the sale we received back his daughter Lone Thistle Qazam, who as a long lactation 2-year old in 2015 is really impressing us and as a maternal granddaughter of Hockus gives us some hint of what to expect from Copperfield. In summer 2015 we also bought back Astraea, Quantum’s daughter from Aurelia and we are impressed with her increased strength of bone and width throughout compared to her dam, while still keeping all of her dam’s incredible general appearance style. All and all, we are quite impressed with our Quantum daughters and, like with Hockus, we are quite excited to bring his genetics back into the herd through Copperfield.

Although still a young buck, Copperfield is already making a name for himself in California. There are a number of stylish Grades and LaManchas in a handful of herds, including extremely impressive milking yearling Starlet Lace Copperfield Eleni, owned by Rebekah Clarke of Starlet Lace Dairy Goats. Eleni was 4th place with 2nd udder at the 2015 ADGA National Show. She has a truly beautiful mammary that is very much reminiscent of Hockus’ mammary when she won 1st place udder in the 2 year old class at the 2008 ADGA National Show. Based on his progeny in California and our knowledge of his genetics, we are confident that Copperfield will improve or maintain body capacity, dairy strength , mammary attachments, and production.