SG Lone Thistle Qazam 2*M

Purebred cream, DOB: 4/2013

Linear Appraisal

  • 3-2 FS89 VEEE
  • 4-2 FS91 VVEE

Show Records

  • 2xRsCH, 2016 SW WA Show
  • 3xBUOB, 2016 NWODGA Show
  • BUOB & BUIS, 2016 OR State Fair
  • 2xBUOB & GCH, 2017 NWODGA Show
  • BUOB, 2017 Clark County Fair

S: +*B SG Barnowl Quantum Leap
SS: *B Kastdemur’s Vigilante News
SD: SGCH Barnowl Quidditch 2*M
D: SGCH Barnowl Alakazam *M
DS: Barnowl Amour Courtier
DSS: ++B SG Kickapoo-Valley’s Travis
DSD: SGCH Barnowl Deesse de L’Amour
DD: SGCH Barnowl Hockus Pockus
DDS: ++*B SG Kastdemur’s Tach Lach
DDD: SGCH Barnowl Bewitched *M
Qazam’s ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Hockus is one of our all-time favorite does, nearly as big as Fish was, twice as dairy, and we have no doubt would have made some extraordinary milk records if we had been able to be on DHIA in her prime. Unfortunately, after her first two freshenings doe kids from Hockus have been few and far between. Likewise, we think Quantum Leap is one of the best bucks we have ever bred; however, at the time we owned him we didn’t have a diverse enough herd to make good use of him and so in exchange for a couple doe kids back he went to live with Sonia and Heather, who also happened to have purchased our Hockus’ daughter and Spotlight Sale consignment from 2008, Alakazam.  Alakazam was an exciting combination of our magic line and our A-line, further combing our two foundation herdsires of Travis and Tach. In 2013, Heather called to say a beautiful doe kid had been born from Alakzam and Quantum, and she could make her home at our farm.

In her show debut as a 2 year old-first freshener, Qazam really demonstrated that she has all the right parts and is fast on her way to putting them together. Freshening with a beautifully attached mammary, Qazam showed at 8-months fresh and not only didn’t look remotely stale, she over-uddered and had to be relieved before we had a chance to take rear udder photos of her. She placed 1st and 2nd to a herdmate and a close genetic relative. We took her back out at nearly 12 months fresh to the ever-competitive Washington State Fair, where she placed in the first line of a huge class of 2 year olds–and more importantly, we successfully got photos of her full!

As a 3-year old in 2016, Qazam, along with Dharma, has become one of our two “little goats that can!” Picking up Best Udder of Breed accolades left and right, Qazam has one of the most impressive mammaries we have ever had on a doe–possibly nicer than Carmilla, definitely at least a longer, smoother fore. We would like to see her smoother in the front end assembly and walking on legs with a bit more bone, and for personal taste, maybe a smidge taller. Overall though, we are really excited about this young doe and can see that she all the potential to be everything one could hope from in a Q-line, magic line, A-line combination.