SGCH Barnowl Deesse de l’Amour

American black/white, DOB: 02/2004

Linear Appraisal

  • 3-5 FS90 EEEV
  • 5-5 FS91 EEEE
  • 7-4 FS91 EEEE

Show Records

  • 2005 ADGA Nationals 1st place senior yearling
  • 2010 Clark County Fair Grand Champion
  • 2010 Oregon State Fair Grand Champion
  • 2010 W WA State Fair 1st place age doe

Behind the Name

  • Loosely translated from French to mean "Goddess of Love."

S: GCH +*B Tempo Yagudin
SS: GCH ++*B One Oak Hill Medicine Tumult
SD: GCH Tempo Katya 6*M
D: Barnowl Aphrodite
DS: *B Tempo Kulik
DD: Barnowl Queen Arachne
Desi’s ADGA Genetics Pedigree

“Desi” is one of our favorite does, but she has also proven to be our “problem child” as one ailment or accident after another has kept her out of the show ring.  With both her dam and granddam being brood does for various reasons, we were afraid this line might be cursed, but 2010 proved us wrong.  Indeed, in 2010, she was back and ready for action!  As were some of her other A-line relations, including multi-BIS winning Acythera “Fish” and top-of-the-line Adrastea and Avalon.  Desi quickly finished her championship in 2010, showing well throughout the season alongside her younger sister Fish, who together handedly won multiple produce of dam classes.  She excels in general appearance, a large-framed doe who is long and level over the topline and rump, coupled with superb dairy character and a correct overall mammary system.  Long a treat to admire in the field and milking parlor, now at last a treat to admire in the show ring too!

Progeny include:
Barnowl Deesse de la Torino (owned by Son*Sational)
Barnowl Deesse de Noir (owned by Gahama Goats)
Barnowl Deesse de Pinto (owned by Anchor-B Goats)
Barnowl Amelie (owned by Al and Chris Mandt)
Barnowl Amedei
Barnowl Ambrosia
Barnowl Alki
Barnowl Ambroise (owned by Shadow Vale Farm)