SGCH Barnowl Quidditch 2*M

American cream, DOB: 04/2003

Linear Appraisal

  • 2-2 FS89 VEVE
  • 3-2 FS89 VEEE
  • 4-2 FS92 EEEE
  • 6-4 FS92 EEEE
  • 8-2 FS92 EEEE

Show Records

  • 2004 California State Fair 2nd place milking yearling
  • 2005 ADGA Nationals 8th place 2 year old
  • 2005 ADGA Nationals, part of 2nd place Dairy Herd
  • 2006 ADGA Nationals 6th place 3 year old
  • 2007 ADGA Nationals 6th place 4 year old
  • 2007 ADGA Nationals, part of 2nd place Dairy Herd
  • 2008 California State Fair 1st place 5 year old
  • 2008 W WA State Fair Best of Breed
  • 2009 ADGA Nationals 4th place 5 & 6 year old
  • 2010 Oregon State Fair 1st place age doe
  • 2011 dam of ADGA National Total Performer

Behind the Name

  • Quidditch is the fantastical broom and ball game created by author JK Rowling in the Harry Potter series.

S: GCH +*B Tempo Yagudin
SS: GCH ++*B One Oak Hill Medicine Tumult
SD: GCH Tempo Katya 6*M
D: SGCH Barnowl Spellbound *M
DS: *B Windstar Gotta Clue
DD: Tempo Mariah’s Sabrina
Quidditch’s ADGA Genetics Pedigree

When “Q” was just a pretty milking yearling, Laurie adopted her as “her perfect goat.”  Although she may not be “perfect,” Q has proven to be quite an incredible doe, and has so dramatically influenced our herd that she is the founding doe of our “q-line.”  Dairy with great strength of bone, Q excels in sharpness, front end assembly, feet and legs, and a very well attached and pleasing mammary system.  Her progeny have been particularly consistent with their lovely general appearance, strength of bone, and globular well attached mammaries.

We lost Q in April 2015 after a long, brave battle with cancer. She was a fun, sweet, and strong doe until the end and we are thankful she was able to pass away gently on her own terms at the end of such a long, productive life.

Progeny include:
SG Barnowl Curlie Q 3*M (owned by Raintree Dairy Goats)
Barnowl Suzie Q (deceased, owned by Son*Sational)
SGCH Barnowl Quasi Q 3*M (deceased, owned by Purple Thistle)
2011 ADGA National Total Performer
CH Barnowl Quaffle
*B SGCH Barnowl Quantum Leap (owned by Purple Thistle)
*B Barnowl Quantum Magic (owned by Jocelyn Morris)
*B Barnowl Quite Q (deceased, owned by South Fork)
Barnowl Quatchi Q
SG Barnowl KTL Tessa Q (owned by Huricane PM)
SG Barnowl Quintessa (owned by Dalton’s Way)
Barnowl Q’s Legacy (owned by Just Because Farms)
Barnowl Qadir Q (owned by Whisper-N-Creek)
Barnowl Quirnius Quirrell (owned by NuFlower Farm)