SGCH Barnowl Acythera “Fish”

American white/black, DOB: 06/2006-12/2013

Linear Appraisal

  • 2-2 FS87 VVVV
  • 3-1 FS91 EEEE
  • 5-0 FS91 EEEE
  • 6-0 FS91 EEEE

Show Records

  • 2007 ADGA Nationals 1st place junior yearling
  • 2009 ADGA Nationals 10th place 3 year old
  • 2009 Sonoma Co Fair Reserve Grand Champion
  • 2009 Western WA State Fair Grand Champion
  • 2010 District VII ALC Speciality 1st place 4 year old
  • 2010 Oregon State Fair GCH, BOB, BU, BIS
  • 2010 Western WA State Fair Reserve Champion
  • 2010 RVDGA 2xGCH, 2xBOB, & 2xBIS
  • 2010 Clark Co Fair GCH, BOB, & BIS
  • 2011 REDGA Memorial Show 2xBOB, 1xBIS
  • 2011 NWODGA Show BOB & BIS
  • 2011 Roseburg Show 4xBOB, 1xBUOB, 3xBIS
  • 2011 RVDGA Show 2xBOB, 2xBIS
  • 2011 Clark Co Fair BOB, BIS
  • 2012 NWODGA 2xBOB, BIS
  • 2012 Roseburg Show 2xBOB, BIS
  • 2012 ADGA National Show 1st place / 1st udder 5 & 6 year old
  • 2012 Clark Co Fair BOB, BIS

Behind the Name

  • ah-zith-ah-ra
  • Kythira is a Greek island where the love goddess Aphrodite is said to have washed up on the shores after being born out of sea's foam. Appropriately, Acythera was born with a fish-shaped island marking on her right side.

S: +*B SG Kastdemur’s Tach Lach
SS: Kastdemur’s Sting
SD: SGCH Kastdemur’s Evian 2*M
2008 & 2009 ADGA National Champion
D: Barnowl Aphrodite
DS: +*B Miscellaneous Sid’s Caesar
DD: Barnowl Queen Arachne
Fish’s ADGA Genetics Page

“Fish” has definitely become the star and crowd favorite of our show string in recent years.  She’s a big goat with a big black fish spot and a big personality…she is simply impossible to miss!  She is quite possibly the hottest doe we’ve ever shown—catching every judge’s eye and winning a grand total of 12 Best in Show wins from 2010-2011.  Fish is one of our largest and longest does, being just a smidge shorter at the withers but slightly wider than Elena.  Although we once classified her as not as dairy as our other Tach daughters, she found all the dairy character she needs after giving birth to the first set of Barnowl quads in 2011.  Open, flat ribbing, pliability of skin all balanced with strength of bone… it is all quite apparent now!  Fish is truly so striking because of her incredible balance of strength, grace, and sharpness, while walking on very strong feet and legs.  Further she has a well-attached mammary system with a very nice fore udder.  To say the least, this is the doe we have been breeding for for all these years: style, productivity, longevity, and great personality.  Yep, that’s our Fish!    And we are excited to start to see her progeny follow in her footsteps.  Aurelia, the daughter we kept from the 2011 quads, was Junior Champion and Best Junior Doe in Show at the 2011 Oregon State Fair, and Bernice her sister cleaned up a few shows herself back in the midwest.

Just before Christmas 2013 we lost our beautiful Fish to a sudden and unpreventable twisted gut. It was without a doubt the most heart-wrenching and trying time of our almost two decades of breeding goats. Why her? We will never be able to answer. Almost a year later, her death still makes us tear up. We were anxious to go into show season 2014 without Fish, not because we don’t have plenty of other beautiful ladies, but because there is no one out there quite like Fish.  While not as many Best in Shows, it may have been our most successful overall show year to date.  We finished three does, her daughter Bernice won the 2014 ADGA National Reserve Champion title, and her other daughter Aurelia won both the Oregon and Washington State Fairs. Although she didn’t have as many progeny as some of our other does like Bewitched, she will live on and so will we. Thanks for everything Fish, it was an incredible ride!

Progeny include:
Barnowl Alectra (owned by Blue Moon Farms, see photo below)
Barnowl Anteros
Barnowl Aurelia
Barnowl Bernice (owned by Tyler Schupe)
Barnowl Apollo (owned by Gahama Goats)
Barnowl Aries (owned by Bilrite Farms)