SGCH Barnowl Aurelia

American dark grey and white sundgau, DOB: 02/28/2011

Linear Appraisal

  • 3-4 FS90 VEVE

Show Records

  • 2011 Clark County Fair 1st place senior kid and Junior Reserve Champion
  • 2011 Oregon State Fair 1st place senior kid, Jr GCH, and Jr BDIS
  • 2014 Clark County Fair RsCH
  • 2014 Oregon State Fair 1st place 3 year old and GCH
  • 2014 Washington State Fair 1st place 3 year old, GCH, & BOB
  • 2014 Washington State Fair 1st place Dairy Herd
  • 2015 ADGA National Show, 2nd place 4 year old
  • 2015 Oregon State Fair, 1st place 4 year old

Behind the Name

  • In Roman mythology, Aurelia is a goddess of light, the dawn, and morning breeze. The name originates from the word 'aura,' which was the Titan goddess of the breeze and today means an air or atmosphere that emanates from a person, place, or thing. Aurelia was also the name of Julius Caesar's mother.

S: *B SGCH Tempo Very Dark
SS: ++B SG Kickapoo-Valley Travis
SD: SGCH Tempo Sidney W 2*M
D: SGCH Barnowl Acythera “Fish”
DS: ++*B Kastdemur’s Tach Lach
DD: Barnowl Aphrodite
Aurelia’s ADGA Genetics Page

Aurelia was from our first set of quads and was the kind of gawky up-down kid that gets us excited.  On her down swings people were raising their eyebrows, clearly thinking she was the runt of that litter–a reminder to all of our buyers, that yes even (especially) our best kids are often not pretty kids.  During her up swings, which conveniently fell during big fairs, she walked herself to a Reserve Champion, Grand Champion, and then capped it off with a Best Junior Doe in Show at Oregon State Fair.

With a dry leg under her belt and showing good growthiness, we bred her to freshen at 16 months and she impressed from the moment she freshened.  Long, level, dairy, flat boned, angular, superb feet and legs, and a beautifully attached and capacious mammary–damn!  She was awarded one of the “pretty barn collars” by Ardis at just a few days fresh, which is really saying something in our herd.

Having lost her mother Fish so early, Aurelia has quickly become our favorite pasture ornament displaying that same incredible length and levelness on the move. As Aurelia has grown up, we can see that she did lose some of the strength in the front end and bone in the leg compared to her mom, so we will be looking to improve these traits in subsequent breedings. We kept a 2014 doe kid from Aurelia bred to Blade named Auriga, who is stunning and already looks to have more strength of bone to better compliment the large frame this line is known for. So many bucks it is tempting to try any of them, but we decided Auriga is just too pretty, so look for a repeat breeding to Blade in fall 2014.

Exciting news! Aurelia finished her championship at the most competitive non-Nationals LaMancha show in the region (maybe even in the nation), the Washington State “Puyallup Fair.” No less than half a dozen national title holding herds competed with over 60 senior does in competition and our beautiful Aurelia followed in her mom’s footsteps winning champion and best of breed.  Apparently this girl likes to shine at the big shows, she won all three of her championship legs at State Fairs!