Barnowl Anteros

American black/tan sundgau, DOB: 03/2010

Linear Appraisal

  • LA 2-3 FS89 VEV

Behind the Name

  • In Greek mythology, Anteros was the god of requited love and avenger of unrequited love. He was the son of Aphrodite and Ares, and brother of Eros.

S: *B Barnowl Gandalf
SS: +B SG Kickapoo-Valley Travis
SD: SGCH Barnowl Bewitched *M
D: CH Barnowl Acythera “Fish”
DS: +*B SG Kastdemur’s Tach Lach
DD: Barnowl Aphrodite
Antero’s ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Anteros is an exciting young buck that combines Fish’s size, strength, and style with Gandalf’s refinement and dairy character.  He looks almost identical in color to his dad, even has the white rump spots!  Except as a young 2 year old he is already bigger than his dad–he gets that from his mom!  He was used by a couple local herds and has some very pretty kids on the ground.   We expect him to produce animals that are improvements in size, dairy character, back structure, and mammary system.  Speaking of back structure, he really does have a level topline and rump (appraised E in both categories), but was being a bit of a brat during his photo shoot.