SG Barnowl Amaltheia *M

American black/white, DOB: 04/2001

Linear Appraisal

  • 4-2 FS87 +EEV

Behind the Name

  • In Greek mythology, Amaltheia was a colorfully-patterned dairy goat and the "foster mother" of the infant god Zeus, providing fresh, healthy goat's milk for the legendary Greek god.

S: +*B Miscellaneous Sid’s Caesar
SS: ++*B Lucky Star’s B Desperado
SD: GCH Miscellaneous Sid’s Sidney 3*M
D: Barnowl Queen Arachne
DS: *B Tempo Kulik
DD: Tempo Mariah’s Selena
Amaltheia’s ADGA Genetic Pedigree

“Theia” excels in strength of bone, dairy character, and length and levelness of topline.  She is another of our first generation LaManchas and was an early indicator of the stretch and strength we were hoping to further incorporate in the LaMancha herd.  Unfortunately for Theia, she came into her prime winning two legs to her championship in 2006 and was never shown nor appraised again after suffering a nasty bout of mastitis the following year.  Despite hard lives, Theia, her twin sister Aphrodite, and her dam Arachne have proven to be incredibly successful brood does and with does like Adrastea, Acythera, Avalon, and Deesse now exemplifying our herd, we think it was worth the wait.  Simply to keep the number of kids born down, Theia was not bred in 2010, however, she was bred in subsequent years and delivered beautiful kids (mainly boys) until the ripe old age of 12 years old. A powerhouse her entire life and the most eye-catching animal in the herd, it was a sad loss to find that she died in her sleep in 2015.

Progeny include:
SGCH Barnowl Adrastea
Barnowl Alcyona
Barnowl Atalanta