SGCH Barnowl Adrastea 2*M

American white w/tan splotches, DOB: 03/2007

Linear Appraisal

  • 1-6 FS84 +V+V
  • 5-3 FS92 EEEE
  • 7-3 FS92 EEEE
  • 9-3 FS90 EEEV

Show Records

  • 2010 SWWDGA Grand Champion
  • 2010 Clark Co Fair Reserve Champion
  • 2010 RVDGA Grand Champion
  • 2011 Clark County Fair Grand Champion
  • 2011 Clark County Fair 2nd place Best of Breed
  • 2011 W WA State Fair 2nd place 4 year old
  • 2011 OR State Fair 2nd place 4 year old
  • 2014 NWODGA & Roseburg 4xBOB
  • 2014 Oregon State Fair 1st place age doe & Reserve Champion
  • 2014 Washington State Fair 2nd place age doe

Behind the Name

  • Adrastea was a Greek mythological nymph that cared for the goat named Amaltheia and helped to raise the infant Zeus.

S: SG +B Kickapoo-Valley Travis
SS: +*B Winterwood’s Musician
SD: SGCH Kickapoo-Valley Respect Sequel
2006 ADGA National Champion
D: SG Barnowl Amaltheia *M
DS: +*B Miscellaneous Sid’s Caesar
DD: Barnowl Queen Arachne
Adrastea’s ADGA Genetics Page

“Drassie” was one of those gangly teenage milking yearlings so we  decided to leave her dry for a year in hopes that a break would give her time to grow up and put it altogether.  And grow up she did!  She is now the tallest and longest of our Travis daughters, and gives Quaffle a run for her money in being the deepest.  She has smoothed out nicely and her strength of bone has developed quite well as has her capacious, well-attached mammary system.  She is yet another testament to our adamant that you really must let them grow up!

Showing only half the 2010 season, Adreasta easily picked up  2 GCH legs towards her championship as a 3 year old. And after less than a month after her July 2011 kidding, Adrastea stole the show at the 2011 Clark County Fair, handily winning Grand Champion and finishing her championship as a 4 year old.  She even won a hard-fought second to Fish in a beautiful Best of Breed class.  Adrastea is just one of those does, quiet and unassuming, but so very strong, dairy, capacious, and sound, she is hard to fault when you take the time to really look.

Now getting into her golden years, Adrastea is finally being seen for the incredible animal she is. In 2014, she won four Best of Breeds, placed second in competitive champion challenge classes another three times, and was the Oregon State Fair Reserve Champion after placing first in the age doe class.  During appraisals, the appraiser looked at us and said, “she isn’t flashy like some of your other does, but I just can’t make her anything less than a 92” (which was our highest score that session). Still as quiet and unassuming as ever, it is nice to see this doe getting some of the recognition she deserves.

One of our favorite does, in 2016 we have made the decision that we want to find our sweet, mild-mannered Adrastea a retirement home deserving of her great personality and many contributions to our herd. We are so grateful to Angel Rohweder of Oberbored Dairy Goats for stepping up to provide her a wonderful retirement home. We hope Adrastea gives her lots of doe kids in her final years!

Progeny includes:
Barnowl Aliza (owned by Clam Cove)
Barnowl KTL Aella (owned by Huricane-PM)
Barnowl Artemis (owned by MerriHill)
Barnowl Arion (owned by Liz Hanson)
Barnowl Alpheus (owned by Deb Schweggler)