Barnowl Alcyona

American black/white, DOB: 03/2010

Behind the Name

  • The Greek goddess Alcyone was daughter of the wind god Aeolus and wife of the morning star god Eosphorus. After being killed in a ship wreck at sea, the gods took mercy on the married couple turning both Alcyone and Eosphorus into halcyon birds and making the skies sunny for them to fly. The adage "Halcyon Days," meaning idyllic, stormless days, is derived from this myth as well.

S: +*B Kastdemur’s Tach Lach
SS: Kastdemur’s Sting
SD: SGCH Kastdemur’s Evian 2*M
D: Barnowl Amaltheia *M
DS: +*B Miscellaneous Sid’s Caesar
DD: Barnowl Queen Arachne
Alcyona’s ADGA Genetics Page

A quiet doe, “Alcy” looks to be a slow-maturing doe with all the right parts clearly evident, but may just take some time to put it altogether.  This isn’t too surprising considering Adreasta and other A-line goats that all blossomed at 2-4 years old.  But we are patient, we know good things come for those who wait!

Waiting seems to be the name of the game with Alcy this year.  After aborting and not coming into milk, we brought her into heat, bred her to Gandalf, and are excited to see what we’ve been waiting for come November.  Here’s to patience!