Barnowl Quattro Q

American cream with wattles, DOB: 02/26/2012

Sire: *B Goat-San Victor
SS: *B Kastdemur’s Eye of the Tiger
SD: SGCH Blue Unicorn Ice Z Velour 8*M
Dam: SGCH Barnowl Quidditch 2*M
DS: +*B GCH Tempo Yagudin
DD: SGCH Barnowl Spellbound *M
Quattro’s ADGA Genetics Pedigree

This handsome boy was from our last set of kids from our beautiful Q-line matriarch Quidditch.  From a set of quads, Quattro was not the largest of kids, but had such an exceptional front end, spring of rib, and correctness of leg set that we just had to hold on to him.  He spent his first season at Clam Cove Farm where he produced some truly beautiful long, level, wide eschuteoned kids with equally strong front ends like their dad that have gone on to win big accolades in the 4H show circuit.

We’ve struggled with Quattro’s health. Although he tested negative for the big stuff, he had consistently been a hard buck to keep in the best of health.  Diagnostics continue and we are not about to give up on him. He is not only Quidditch’s last buck, but we know he throws beautiful kids having seen Clam Cove pick up dry legs left and right on their yearlings in 2014, and with our other Victor kid Ambrosia really blossoming this year we can see opportunities to put him to work even if he isn’t ready for his photo shoot.

Look for us to be recreating Ambrosia with breeding Quattro to her big sister Amedei, likewise we have seen great things happen when the Q line and Magic line combine so we’re going to give him a try with our favorite dry yearling Angel.  After these few breedings we made the hard decision to put Quattro down. Likely the ultimate cause of his deteriorating health, he had become resistant to all dewormers and in the northwest parasites are a constant battle for even the healthiest of goats.