Herd Health

We are an extremely health-conscious herd. We follow a CAE prevention plan with annual testing and pasteurization, and are abscess free. We are careful to give the utmost attention to all aspects of our animals, including: bodily health, udder heath, reproductive health, and perhaps most importantly, emotional health.

Our kids are raised on pasteurized milk and alfalfa hay. Grain and pasture are introduced at weaning, usually about 14 weeks old. Coccidia is treated by monthly treatments of Albon and kids are vaccinated with CDT at monthly intervals until 4 months of age. We do live in the wet Pacific Northwest, so parasites can be a problem. Animals are treated regularly, and we recommend treating them again after they are purchased and moved. We feed a moderate amount of good quality alfalfa, and the does have free access to pasture.

Milkers are given 3 lbs of 16% goat dairy ration daily. A variety of mineral and salt blocks are freely available to the herd. Our milkers tend to be high producers and some of our bloodlines are slow maturing, and because of this we have found that early freshening can be harmful to young yearlings; we encourage buyers to let these animals grow up a little and we will not be responsible for any doe which freshens prior to 16 months of age.

Finally, our animals are highly socialized as babies and on through adulthood; they travel well and many of our does have thousands of miles under their belt. We do our best to disclose any known health issues prior to an animal being sold and deeply value our reputation for providing healthy, well rounded animals.