Barnowl Drusilla

Purebred frosted black with wattles, DOB: 04/14/2012

Linear Appraisal

  • 2-2 FS88 +EVE

Behind the Name

  • Looking so much like her granddam, we went back to the TV show Buffy to find Drusilla's name. Drusilla is the partner of Spike, who together represented the primary antagonists of Buffy.

Sire: *B Goat-San Victor
SS: *B Kastdemur’s Eye of the Tiger
SD: SGCH Blue Unicorn Ice Z Velour 8*M
Dam: CH Barnowl Carmilla
DS: +*B Kastdemur’s Tach Lach
DD: SGCH Barnowl Buffy 2*M
Dru’s ADGA Genetics Pedigree

As we predicted, Dru freshened with a fabulous mammary to compliment her beautiful dairy strength. She is a smaller doe, being a shorter doe all around, but exceptionally well balanced. We have to constantly remind ourselves that while she is “short” in our herd, she is already an inch over minimum breed standard for a 4-year old LaMancha.  Moreover, we’ve seen that this line often has late growth spurts.  While not the tallest of our two year olds, she is one of the most balanced and productive.