SGCH Barnowl Carmilla 3*M

American white, DOB: 02/2010

Linear Appraisal

  • 2-4 FS89 VVVV
  • 3-4 FS88 +EVE
  • 4-4 FS91 VEEE
  • 5-4 FS92 EEEE

Show Records

  • 2012 GCH, BOB, BUOB, BUIS
  • 2014 1xGCH, 2xBOB, 3xRsCH, 7xBUOB
  • 2014 Oregon State Fair BOB, BUOB, & BUIS
  • 2014 Washington State Fair BUOB, 2nd in BOB
  • 2015 NWODGA BOB, BUOB, and BIS
  • 2015 ADGA Nationals 1st place/1st udder 5 & 6 year old, Reserve Best Udder, and part of 2nd place Dairy Herd
  • 2015 Oregon State Fair BOB, BUOB, & BUIS
  • 2015 WA State Fair GCH/BOB, BUOB

Behind the Name

  • Released in 1872, Carmilla is considered to be one of the first mainstream public stories depicting vampires, predating Bram Stoker's Dracula by 25 years. The novella depicts the story of a young female vampire named Carmilla.

S: +*B Kastdemur’s Tach Lach
SS: Kastdemur’s Sting
SD: SGCH Kastdemur’s Evian 2*M
D: SGCH Barnowl Buffy 2*M
DS: Quixote Jo’s Monet
DD: SGCH Barnowl Bewitched *M
Carmilla’s ADGA Genetics Page

Carmi is one of the most exciting does we kept of 2010!  A beautiful white Buffy daughter that is so very reminiscent of our first generation of gorgeous white Tach daughters (Hockus, Fish, Corteo).  As a dry yearling, Carmilla displayed the type of dairyness and wide eschuteon that had us holding our breath, this spring she freshened with another gorgeous “Buffy udder.”  In fact, despite the fact I am always skeptical about young does winning big accolades,  Carmi managed to walk that pretty udder to a Best Udder in Show just a month after freshening!

Carmilla continued to be a lovely three-year old, but between not showing very often and not milking at her full potential, she was passed over a number of times. As a four-year old in 2014 she was in full bloom and really turning heads. Especially for udder placings! Regardless of being first in a class or farther down the ever-competitive NW LaMancha show class line, she was 1st or 2nd udder at every show in 2014, picking up Best Udder of Breeds most everywhere she went.  She upped that ante at the Oregon State Fair with being named Best Udder in Show and then winning an “easy” Best Udder of Breed at Washington State Fair–a fair with over 60 senior LaManchas from the most notable herds across Washington and Oregon.

In 2015, Carmilla had a set of quads in May, a few weeks later at her first show, the District VII LaMancha Speciality, she looked like she had just had a set of quads as her body capacity had not quite caught back up from her pregnancy and her huge volume of new milk. She still placed well, behind Evianna and our own does in the Best of Breed class. By Sunday of that show, she had feasted on alfalfa, was remembering how to show again, and handily picked up a BOB followed by her first-ever Best in Show. A month later at Nationals, she had pulled it altogether to easily win 1st place, 1st udder in the 5 and 6 year old class–a class where 4 out of the 5 top does were either Barnowl bred or one-generation from Barnowl animals. An honorable mention in the championship line-up, she came back in the Best Udder class to win a much-deserved National Reserve Best Udder. About a month after Nationals we were off to the ever-competitive Oregon State Fair. This year all five of the top five placing 5 & 6 year olds were exhibited along with numerous other locally-bred animals hot off great showings at the National Show. It was an absolute honor to have seven animals bred by us standing in the championship line-up, even more exciting was when Carmilla was named Best Udder in Show for the second year in the row, but this time with two National Champions in the line-up. We could not be more proud of our humble little white goat!

Meanwhile, her full genetic brother Barnowl Blade is quickly becoming one of our most handsome bucks yet, with a few breeders who had boarded Tach remarking on his uncanny resemblance to Tach as a young buck.  We now have three milkers sired by Blade in our herd, and every one of them is a dramatic mammary improvement from their dam. We look forward to seeing the next crop of them freshen in 2015.