Barnowl Atalanta

American cream and apricot, DOB: 02/2013

Linear Appraisal

  • 3-4 FS89 EEVV
  • 4-4 FS90 VEEE

Show Records

  • 3rd place 2 year old, Oregon State Fair 2015


  • 4-0 146 1501 52F 48P (in progress)
  • Daily average 10.3 lbs/day

Sire: +*B Kastdemur’s Honor
SS: *B Shammy’s Bad Media Frenzy
SD: SGCH Kastdemur’s Citrillion 3*M
Dam: SG Barnowl Amaltheia *M
DS: +*B Miscellaneous Sid’s Caesar
DD: Barnowl Queen Archane 
Atalanta’s ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Another of our very pretty long, tall, stretchy Honor daughters, Atalanta is our last Amaltheia daughter and looks much like her very successful maternal sister Adrastea. She kidded with twins in spring 2015, we are really happy with how Atalanta has freshened. She really does look just like her older sister Adrastea at this age, she likely will take some time to mature but all the right parts are there. Even by September when it came time for fairs, Atalanta was already demonstrating increased maturity and balance compared to spring shows. Enough that she placed 3rd in a very competitive, large 2-year old class at the Oregon State Fair.

Atalanta ended up being the only Honor daughter we kept, not because they turned out poorly but because of a mix of temperament issues and a larger need to cut down the herd. Honor did exactly what we had hoped he would do, he lengthened and overall leveled out does, and most impressively improved rear udder structure, every single Honor daughter had a higher, wider rear udder compared to her dam and in many cases that was really saying something. We are glad that all of the other Honor daughters found really good homes where more time can be spent on making them the dairy and show animals we know they can become. We did keep the last Bewitched son from Honor, Occult, who we are excited to use in our herd to continue improving rear udders and given his overall good temperament will hopefully not pass on the personality issues we had with some of his paternal sisters.

As a four year old, Atalanta is quite the power house. A doe that excels in dairy strength, body capacity, and mammary, she is an all-around solid doe. Like her dam, she has a great, easy-going personality, and has no problem carrying a level 10 pounds/day lactation with a peak closer to 13 pounds/day. There is really nothing wrong with this doe, other than she has stiff competition in the herd and happens to live in some of the most competitive LaMancha territory in the country. At some point, we get tired of judges saying, “this doe in third, she’s one heck of a goat, and no doubt she’d be a finished champion at most other places I’ve judged.” A linear appraised Excellent doe, we’d like to see her go to a herd where she can truly shine in her own right.