Terms & Conditions

Sale Terms

The prices listed are subject to change and are negotiable, but preordered kids with a deposit will not increase.  Fall listing prices are typically $50-150 off the spring “live kid” price to encourage fall reservations.  We do reserve breeder’s rights to first choice of all kids and thus reserve the right to retain any kids deemed necessary to maintain our breeding program.  In this event, your deposit will be refunded.  A $100 deposit will hold a kid, with the balance due within 4 weeks of notification of birth. We encourage second choices to be selected, but do not require that selection.  Second choice reservations are honored after first choice reservations.  If neither a first nor second choice is born, we try to find an alternative, prices on alternatives will never be higher than fall reservations of $600 or more, but if lower it will be the spring “live kid” price. Deposits are only refundable if an acceptable kid is not born, but not refundable if the order is simply canceled or the buyer refuses to consider other kids that we consider of acceptable quality and breeding. Sale deposits can be put towards a next year’s kid reservation if worked out with us during that spring. Deposits should be sent to the mailing address at the bottom of this page, all checks should be made out to Ardis Lyons.

Kids must be picked up or arrangements made within 4 weeks of age; boarding fees of up to $20/week/animal may apply after this time. We ship exclusively out of PDX, Portland International Airport.  We have found the best prices shipping with United Airlines in recent years; however, we are happy to ship with any airlines that flies out of PDX that you prefer. Prices listed do not include an interstate health certificate (including any required testing fees for out-of-state shipments) or any transportation costs, such as shipping, kennel, mileage, etc.  Animals and all additional costs must be paid in full before shipping or transport.

Completed registration applications are only provided when all purchases are paid in full.  Purchasers have the option of paying us to complete and transfer registration papers online; however, our fees are $15 per doe and $20 per buck plus appropriate transfer fees.

We strongly believe in getting youth involved with the dairy goat industry and often offer a “4H/youth discount.”  To claim the 4H/youth discount, please provide youth’s age; membership in 4H, FFA, or local dairy goat chapter’s name; and a brief answer to the question: what is your favorite part of raising goats?

Discounts are also available on group purchases of 3 or more animals.  All discounts are only valid for purchases paid in full at time of pick-up or delivery.  Discounts are generally not available for purchases involving payment plans.

Health Conditions

We do not knowingly sell animals with health or reproductive problems. We are an extremely health-conscious herd; we follow a CAE prevention plan with annual testing and pasteurization, and are CL abscess free.

Our kids are raised on pasteurized milk and alfalfa hay. Grain and pasture are introduced at weaning, usually about 14 weeks old. Coccidia is treated by monthly treatments of Albon and kids are vaccinated with CDT at monthly intervals until 4 months of age. We do live in the wet Pacific Northwest, so parasites are a problem. Animals are treated regularly, and we recommend treating them again after they are purchased and moved.

We feed a moderate amount of good quality alfalfa, and the does have free access to pasture. Milkers are given 3 lbs of 16% goat dairy ration daily. A variety of mineral and salt blocks are freely available to the herd. Our milkers tend to be high producers and we have found that early freshening can be harmful to young yearlings; we encourage buyers to let these animals grow up a little and we will not be responsible for any doe which freshens prior to 16 months of age.  Time and time again we have seen that our does hit their prime between 4-6 years old, so if you aren’t willing to wait until then or if you are looking for that shot-in-the-pan, hottest 2-year old around…  well, we are probably not the herd for you.  That said, if you breed instead for longevity, our does produce healthy babies and lots of milk typically in to their double-digits while still standing on strong feet and legs.

From before a kid is born to after they ship we strive to breed and send you the best animal for you. In the rare event something happens, we want to know and we will do what we can to make it right. However, an animal will only be replaced with a report from a veterinarian that finds the cause of illness or death to be congenital. In the event of a replacement, all transportation costs, health papers, and testing will be the responsibility of the buyer. Lastly, please contact us when a problem first begins to arise so we can more proactively help you address it– we want the best for our animals and we want you to be happy with your purchase.

Finally, our animals are highly socialized as babies and on through adulthood; they travel well and many of our does have thousands of miles under their belts. We do our best to disclose any known health issues prior to an animal being sold and deeply value our reputation for providing healthy, well rounded animals.