*B SGCH Tempo Very Dark

Fall 2010 lease from Purple Thistle Farm

Purebred black/tan sundgau, DOB: 03/2007

S: +B SG Kickapoo-Valley Travis
SS: +*B Winterwood’s Musician
SD: SGCH Kickapoo-Valley Respect Sequel
2006 ADGA National Champion
D: SGCH Tempo Sidney W 2*M
DS: +*B SGCH Kastdemur’s Informant
DD: SGCH Tempo Audrey E *M
Dark’s ADGA Genetics Page

Much like his paternal brother Gandalf, Dark is a tall, long, and sound buck that displays even more strength of dairy character and overall refinement of bone.  We have been so impressed by the consistency of our Travis daughters with their strength across the scorecard and superb mammary systems—as Laurie notes, “another Travis udder” is a common comment heard at NW shows.  Just take a look at six of his daughters below.  In 2010 we focused on line-breeding off Travis and couldn’t be more excited to get to also introduce genetics from this beautiful Tempo maternal line.  Audrey was one of Laurie’s foundation LaManchas and was Katya’s co-hort in crime, to say we’ve long since admired Audrey and her daughters’ style, dairyness, and structure would be a huge understatement.   The 2011 kids sired by Very Dark were very exciting–long, dairy, stylish animals with the type of balance between refinement and strength that we love to see.  They are quickly growing up and one of his kids Barnowl Aurelia from “Fish” is quite possibly the most exciting first freshener we have ever had.  His other daughters have been consistently dairy and sharp with well attached mammaries.