Kickapoo-Valley ColorMe Dharma 3*M

American cream and butterscotch pinto, DOB: 03/2013

Linear Appraisal

  • 3-3 FS90 VEEE

Show Records

  • Roseburg Show 2015 - 2x Best Udder of Breed
  • ADGA National Show 2015 - 9th place / 3rd place udder 2 year old
  • NWODGA Show - 1xRsCH, 1xGCH, BOB, & BUOB

S: *B Kickapoo-Valley Color My World
SS: Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Beam Up
SSS: Autumn Acres Revin it Up
SSD: GCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Kala 2*M
SD: GCH Kickapoo-Valley Wild Yellobird
SDS: *B Rockin-CB KV Wild Thing
SDD: Kickapoo-Valley Musical Wren
D: GCH Barnowl Golden Compass 2*M
DS: ++B Kickapoo-Valley Respect Travis
DD: SGCH Barnowl Bewitched *M
Dharma’s ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Dharma is a long-awaited doe kid back from Goldie. As a dry yearling we had to admit that Dharma is, in Sam Whiteside’s words, a “village goat” (meaning she is chubby enough to feed the whole village!).  Nevertheless, considering her high production pedigree, we have lots of hope that she will easily milk off that excess fleshing and be another extremely productive doe of the Bewitched line.

Dharma indeed did milk off most of that “village goat” weight and what she didn’t milk off she put to use in having an incredibly well balanced and deep body for a two year old. We knew she freshened with a truly beautiful mammary, but she surprised us at her first show out when she won two Best Udder of Breeds and was considered for Best Udder in Show as a first freshener. She amazed us even more when she became the “little goat that could” at Nationals placing 9th in an insanely competitive class of 2-year olds and receiving the 3rd place mammary award! She was the first doe in the line that was “small” and the first first freshener in the line.

Being a more classical style LaMancha with lots of depth if not as much length and height, we would like to see a larger frame all around on this doe. But she has an amazing mammary, great dairy character, strong feet and legs, and likely will be producing out that beautiful udder for a long time to come.