*B Little Orchard L Joplin

Purebred apricot, DOB: 03/2014

Linear Appraisal

  • 2-3 FS88 VVV

Behind the Name

  • Following both the musical and J-letter traditions of this line, Joplin is named after two famous musicians. First, one of Ardis and Mariah's favorite singers, Janis Joplin. Second, the famous composer Scott Joplin, who was known as the "King of Ragtime" and whose tunes are still easily recognizable today.

S: *B Tempo Leo
SS: *B Lucky*Star’s Cai  
SSS: *B Rockin-CB RZA Aces Around (2-0 FS91 EEE)
SSD:  SGCH Lucky*Star’s LOT Vivian 4*M (3x FS93 EEEE)
SD: SG Tempo Karenina 10*M
SDS: *B Kastdemur’s On Second Thought (son of Avena, 3-2 FS93 EEEE)
SDD: SGCH Tempo Evianna 9*M (4-3 FS93 EEEE)
2013 ADGA National Champion
D: SGCH Little Orchard BR Joyful Song 10*M (8-4 FS 92 EEEE)
Littermate sister to +*B SGCH Little Orchard BR Pure Thrill
DS: *B Kastdemur’s Bad Rap
DSS: +*B Kastdemur’s Inside Information
DSD: SGCH Kastdemur’s Bad Habits *M
DD:  SGCH Little Orchard PL Pure Joy 9*M (7-4 FS92 EEEE)
DDS: *B Lucky*Star’s QM Parallel
DDD: SGCH Little Orchard PH Pure Charm (7-5 FS92 EEEE)
Joplin’s ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Now two years old, Joplin has been a really interesting addition to our herd. A beautiful buck that combines lots of great traits across the scorecard, we haven’t quite figured out what his niche is yet–although we like pretty much every kid he has thrown. We have learned that they are initially not the prettiest kids as newborns, being small and gawky. However, they grow out of that in a couple of months and soon are winning junior legs and placing well at National Shows (like 3rd place yearling Barnowl Gloriana, owned by Little Orchard). His first milking daughter, Westridge Alpines Champagne owned by Amanda Giffoni, freshened with such a beautiful mammary that she won a Reserve Champion as a milking yearling at her only show out.

We initially looked to the Little Orchard herd back in 2011, when our good friend and East Coast native Ben Ruphcis replied to our musings about outside genetics and our “need a new buck quandary” with, “you have to check out Little Orchard!” Three does immediately impressed us, Jasmine, Song, and Morning Dew. So we went about reserving a buck kid. As fate would have it, those does managed to avoid having a buck kid for us for almost three years. We had almost given up on bringing home a Little Orchard buck when Erin emailed us to let us know that Song had a beautiful apricot kid in spring 2014 and he could be all our’s if we wanted him.  Although we have since filled our buck quandary with some awesome homebred boys, as well as Manhattan and Chinook, we had waited too long to not jump at the chance to finally fly a Little Orchard buck across the country and so arrived Joplin!

Combining genetics both new and very familiar to our herd, Joplin brings back some of the Monet genetics that provided the foundation for our ultimate udder line of Buffy, he also has just enough Tach/Evian to not be too radical of a departure from our current core genetics.  And of course, Song is the udder-famous Thrill’s littermate sister! Considering all of this, we are looking to Joplin as another “balanced udder buck” alongside our BuffyxTach son Blade and our BewitchedxHonor son Occult. By this we mean, bucks that first and foremost will put a pretty, well attached, capacious mammary on, but will also maintain or improve the large frame, levelness, and dairy strength we so love about our Barnowl goats.  Finally, we send a huge thank you to Erin Griner of Little Orchard LaManchas for all of her help and her multi-year patience in working with us to get our beautiful Joplin home!