*B Alder*Rose Chinook

Purebred chamoisee with wattles, DOB: 03/2012

Linear Appraisal

  • 1-3 FS88 VEV
  • 2-3 FS87 VV+
  • 4-3 FS89 EVV

Behind the Name

  • Chinook is the language of many of the NW Native American tribes, specifically along the Columbia River. It is also the name of "king" salmon, which is the largest of Pacific salmon.

S: *B Kastdemur’s On Second Thought
SS: ++B Dagron’s Taipei’s Toronto
SSS: +B One*Oak*Hill Tumbleweed Taipei
SSD: SGCH Hogg’s-Hideaway Casmira
2000 ADGA National Champion
1997 ADGA National Junior Champion
SD: SGCH Kastdemur’s Avena 3*M
2012 ADGA National Champion
SDS: ++*B Kastdemur’s Watch Yourself
SDD: SGCH Kastdemur’s Evian 2*M
2008 & 2009 ADGA National Champion
D: SGCH Alder*Rose Evgeni Yoda 3*M
DS: *B Barnowl Evgeni Plushenko
DSS: +*B Kastdemur’s Tach Lach
DSD: SGCH Tempo Elena 7*M
DD: SGCH Alder*Rose Tank Coxanthia 2*M
DDS: +*B Tempo Titantic
DDD: GCH Devonshire VC Constance 1*M
Chinook’s ADGA Genetics Pedigree

We now understand why so many Spotlight sale animals are bought by someone “back home.”  It’s simple really, those from back home know the true depth of quality of that animal up on the stage, after all they compete side-by-side with them all year long.  Case in point, right out of the gate in 2012, Yoda upset Quaffle to win Best of Breed and then Best Senior Doe in Show at an early local show.  Any time you get beat, you have to take a long look at who is standing in front of you.  After taking that long look we realized that Tessa had put together the pieces we thus far have not been able to with Elena and Tach.  Yoda had matured into a tall, long, level black and white Elena, but with a much better mammary and the strength of bone to balance out the dairy character.  We distinctly remember “filing her away” that day among that exclusive “Does to Watch” list we all keep, so when we saw she had a buck in the Spotlight Sale we thought to ourselves, “someone is going to get a damn nice new boy!”

Who knew it was to be us!?!  Admittedly, we had not quite planned to bring this handsome young man home with us, but with a pedigree so chuck full of animals we know and love (and have worked exceptionally well in our herd), plus just the right kind of new stock to add to the mix… well, who wouldn’t jump at such a chance!  We anticipate Chinook will add dairy strength, length and levelness of topline, and improved mammaries to most breedings.  We are particularly excited to use him on our Travis daughters and granddaughters after seeing how magnificent the TravsxYoda daughter Anduin has turned out.

Chinook has grown up to be an incredibly powerful buck with truly superb general appearance that immediately draws your eye to him. He has been extremely consistent in passing on that stylish general appearance to his offspring, virtually all of them have had long, tall, and angular frames with good width throughout. Also he has been consistent in throwing lots of fun, splashy chamoisee color, which has made his kids some of the most popular among spring kid buyers the last few years. Between that and him not throwing doe kids from the does we most wanted to keep kids from, we haven’t kept very many Chinook daughters. The handful that we have freshened have all had consistent mammaries with a high rear udder and smooth, if not overly long, fore udder. We would like to see slightly less plumb teats and a bit more roundness of rear udder arch, but all and all, very solid mammaries. He has sired many bucks that we have seen get to work throughout the west, all of their owners reporting back that same incredible consistency of general appearance and dairy strength style.

In 2016, we realized that our mature buck pen was getting a bit too full. With semen in the tank and some exciting 2016 kids and young milkers sticking around, we’ve made the very hard decision to put our gentle giant up for sale. At 4 years old, now is the perfect time for him to find a new home where he can get much more use and make a substantial difference in a herd and in the breed. Calling Chinook a gentle giant is an understatement. He is an absolute pleasure to work with, being appraised and moved easily between pens with nothing more than holding onto his full beard, a gentlemen with the ladies and a kind, easygoing guy with younger bucks. If you are looking to improve general appearance and dairy strength in your animals, and enjoy working with a true gentlemen, Chinook is absolutely your man.