Barnowl Kerrigan 8*M

Purebred white, DOB: 04/2011

Linear Appraisal

  • 02-02 FS83 +V++
  • 03-02 FS90 VEVE
  • 06-02 FS90 EEEV


  • 5-4 174 1552 56F 45P (in progress)

Behind the Name

  • Named for the lady in white, figure skater Nancy Kerrigan.

Sire: +*B SGCH Tempo Very Dark
SS: +*B SG Kickapoo-Valley Travis
SD: SGCH Tempo Sidney W 2*M
Dam: SGCH Tempo Elena 7*M
DS: +B SG Hogg’s-Hideaway Chalupa
DD: SGCH Tempo Katya 6*M
Kerrigan’s ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Kerrigan is Elena all over again, minus the trademark Katya-line waddles.  Classic for this line, she will need some more time to grow and mature, but we were quite pleased to see her really begin to pull together the pieces as a two-year old milker.  As a three-year old in 2014 she was looking better by the day. She had a huge set of quads, which left her a very dairy “skin and bones” and 14 pounds of milk for about two months, but at last she is putting some weight back on.  The dairy strength on this doe is amazing and we love to see her incredible willingness to milk.  With lots of extra treats, Kerrigan finally put weight back on in time to score excellent at our 2014 Appraisal session and then take a second place at Oregon State Fair (behind Aurelia). In one glance she reminds us of her mother as she has since she was a kid, but more and more, in that next glance she reminds us of Quaffle as a three-year old as more of her Travis style traits show through.  Either way, she is a doe we are quite proud of!

She was bred to Blade for 2015 kids in the hopes of straightening out those teats, adding a little more strength to her front end, and continuing to emphasize levelness across the topline. And that is exactly what we got–times four! Yup, two years in a row, Kerrigan has now had quads. This year she has been doing a lot better with balancing body capacity and milk production, still averaging 14 pounds a day, but this time she had enough weight to actually go out to our first show of the year. She was up against some tough competition, but still managed to place 2nd in three rings. We have been so impressed with the style of these kids that we are planning on repeating the breeding to Blade for 2016.

Kerrigan is such a good goat. She is a beautiful doe with a capacious mammary system, and has one of the sweetest personalities in the herd. We had really wanted to keep a doe kid this year, but alas she had triplet bucks instead. Aside from having lots of bucks and not settling one year, she is a doe that has done absolutely nothing wrong, and yet, in the face of new careers and health issues that demand a smaller herd, we sought out to re-home her in summer 2017. Given that her dam is still kicking at 14 years old, and was still kidding and showing at 12 years old, likely Kerrigan has a good 5-6 years left of producing beautiful kids, milk, and showing. Kerrigan was not going to go just anywhere, so when Linda Giles called us up from North Carolina (and her good references soon followed), we knew we had found a good forever home for Kerrigan where she will be spoiled for the rest of her years. Some 3,000 miles away we are sad that we will likely never see this sweet doe again, but so grateful she has found such a special person.