Barnowl Edelina

Purebred white with waddles, DOB: 02/2015

Linear Appraisal

  • 2-4 FS86 +VVV

Behind the Name

  • Named for current top Russian figure skaters, Adelina Sotnikova the 2014 Olympic Champion Adelina's name is spelled with an "E" to avoid confusion with our A-line does.

Sire: *B SG Lone Thisle Presto
SS: *B SGCH Tempo Very Dark
SD: SGCH Barnowl Abracadabra 2*M
Dam: SGCH Tempo Elena 7*M
DS: +B SG Hogg’s-Hideaway Chalupa
DD: SGCH Tempo Katya 6*M
ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Looking more like a 6-year old than a 12-year old, Elena delivered a beautiful set of white, waddled twin does. Although she is very healthy, we have decided that she deserves to have a healthy retirement and not be pushed to have more pregnancies, so these two will be our last two Elena daughters. Edelina and Elizaveta are so similar that we can’t even tell them apart! Unfortunately we missed them during our winter photo shoot, but they look almost exactly like their mom. They both show lots of length, dairy strength, sharp withers, strong feet, and nice leg angulation. We would like to see them slightly more level in the rump from hips to pins, but this might just be a growth stage thing. We expect a similar increase in production as we see with Elena’s Very Dark-daughter Kerrigan, we also anticipate these does being slow to mature just like their dam and sisters. Like with Elena’s Blade-daughter Yulia, we expect the Tach and Bewitched influence to improve mammary attachments–we don’t hold out much hope for dramatic improvement in teat placement, but we are not ones to over-inflate the importance of the 4 points teats are worth on the scorecard! 

Sadly, Elizaveta didn’t make the major herd reductions of 2016, but Edelina freshened in January 2017 with an even more correct mammary (even good teat placement!), as well as the strong body capacity we’ve come to expect from Presto daughters. In this our first year of doing monthly milk tests, we’ve been admittedly disappointed with her production numbers, but she is an improvement on her dam and we are eager to see what she can do with another freshening under her belt. We are also retaining her daughter Eliona, who is a fancy, dairy white waddled beauty that fits this line to a tee.