Kids for Sale

Red Joyeaux

For Sale - $450
American doe kids, red sundgau with chocolate stripes; chocolate sundgau with white markings and elf ears
DOB: 3/28/2017

S: *B Lone Thistle Bastille
DS: +*B SG Barnowl Quantum Leap
DD: SGCH Barnowl Vendredi *M

D: Barnowl Red Ecstasy (LA 3-3 FS87 VVVV,
     DHIA 305-day projection: 4,089 pounds)

DS: *B Barnowl Blade
DD: GCH Barnowl Red Bliss 6*M
ADGA Genetics Planned Pedigree


For Sale - $500 - sale pending
American doe kid, white
DOB: 4/16/2017

S: *B Barnowl Occult
D: Barnowl Yulia (LA 3-3 FS90 VEEE)
DS: *B Barnowl Blade
DD: SGCH Tempo Elena 7*M
ADGA Genetics Pedigree

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