Barnowl Alki

American grey chamoisse with white markings, DOB: 04/2014

Linear Appraisal

  • 02-02 FS84 VVVV

Show Records

  • 2015 ADGA Nationals 10th place dry yearling

Behind the Name

  • Chinook word adopted as the Washington State motto, means "hope for the future." Also the name of the road that Fern and Win's first Washington home was on.

Sire: *B Alder*Rose Chinook
SS: *B Kastdemur’s On Second Thought
SD: SGCH Alder*Rose Evgeni Yoda
Dam: SGCH Barnowl Deesse de l’Amour
DS: +*B GCH Tempo Yagudin
DD: Barnowl Aphrodite
ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Easily our flashiest kid of 2014, Alki is our last daughter of our originally flashy doe, Desi. For that reason and the basic fact that she is beautiful makes her a favorite. Kept a dry yearling for 2015, Alki attended the Redmond Nationals and placed 10th in a huge class of dry yearlings. She is more of a medium-sized doe and was the first “smaller” doe in the line, the judge noting her extreme correctness, if not the extreme size of the does in front of her. This Nationals also provided us the opportunity to see how very well our does excel in productive longevity compared to many herds, especially those that have these extremely large animals. While none of our animals are truly small, we are recognizing the value in having a more medium-sized, balanced animal that may not win dry yearling classes or finish at 2 years old, but will still be standing on good feet and legs with strong production at 10 years old. Alki is exactly this type of doe.

If only we could keep them all! We really like Alki’s general appearance and dairy strength. This doe is just so incredibly stylish throughout, she immediately draws your eye to her out in the field. Unfortunately, she freshened with a single doe kid for her freshening in February 2016 and is simply not producing at the level we would like to see. She has nice attachments with a high rear udder, a smooth fore udder, a strong medial, and easy to milk teats. We were pleased with her linear appraisal score of FS84 VVVV. Although not an especially high score, this is exactly the type of score we have seen year after year on our young does that grow up to me EX90-92. Very Good across the board just really emphasizes how well balanced this doe is in all the scorecard categories. It is a truly hard decision to put this doe up for sale, she has so very much potential and will do great things in a show or youth herd that is looking for an all-around solid animal.