Barnowl LaManchas is owned by Ardis Lyons and Mariah Acton, we are located in beautiful Vancouver, Washington. The herd’s foundation doe was Tempo Mariah’s Selena, an Experimental LaMancha-Saanen given to us by Laurie Acton in 1995. For the next few years we remained primarly an offshoot of the Tempo herd. In 1999, we established the Barnowl herd name and have since become a prospering American and Purebred LaMancha herd, we continue to have strong ties to the Tempo herd and are extremely fortunate to share in the rapidly improving genetics.

Having began with an experimental doe, our herd looks to epitomize the LaMancha ideal as the American breed: incorporating the strength and productivity of the Saanen breed, while maintaining and enhancing the vigorous personality, devoted temperament, longevity, and characteristic small ears of the LaMancha breed. Over a decade after the birth of our foundation doe, we are pleased to announce that we continue to strive and occasionally obtain this goal.

Barnowl LaManchas has four predominant matrilineal lines.  First, the magic line, which includes Spellbound, Bewitched, and their many progeny.  Second, the mythical A line, with names deriving from mythology, which includes Amaltheia, Aprhodite, Deesse de L’Amour, and their progeny.  Third, the Q line, which began with Quidditch and continues through her progeny.  And finally, the Olympic figure skater line, which is a continuation of Laurie’s Katya-based line and was brought into our herd through the kindly-gifted Tempo Elena.  Although all of the lines have a similar Barnowl style, each has their own strengths and challenges and each brings something unique to our herd.

Today our LaMancha herd encompasses a wide variety of national-quality blood lines, and with star milkers, SGCH show does, and Linear Appraised Excellents we are proud to introduce our magnificent and rewarding herd. Thank you for your interest in our herd and feel free to contact us anytime.